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This is a potent formula for immune support with powerful antioxidants like Lactoferrin and Ashwagandha.  It also contains green tea polyphenols to help keep you alert.

Lactoferrin is a protein found in cow milk and human milk. Colostrum, the first milk produced after a baby is born, contains high levels of lactoferrin, about seven times the amount found in milk produced later on.  According to research Lactoferrin is used for treating stomach and intestinal ulcers, diarrhea, and hepatitis C. It is also used as an antioxidant and to protect against bacterial and viral infections. Other uses include stimulating the immune system, preventing tissue damage related to aging, promoting healthy intestinal bacteria, preventing cancer, and regulating the way the body processes iron.  Lactoferrin helps regulate the absorption of iron in the intestine and delivery of iron to the cells.

The root and berry of the ashwagandha plant are a traditional Ayurvedic medicine in India. Ashwagandha is used as a tonic (it is sometimes referred to as the “Indian ginseng”) to improve physical and mental health and to treat a number of specific conditions.  Ashwagandha might help lower blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes and lower high cholesterol.

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