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Made with activated carbon, mixed in a solution for better delivery. Activated charcoal is a fine, odorless black powder made from coconut shells, heated to high temperatures to create a porous surface with a large surface area, giving it its “activated” property. While activated charcoal is commonly used in emergency medical settings to treat poisonings and overdoses, it has gained popularity as a supplement and in various health and wellness products. Some people use activated charcoal to help relieve gas and bloating, as it can absorb gas-producing compounds in the digestive system. Some people use activated charcoal as a hangover remedy, believing it can help absorb alcohol and toxins.

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This product functions activated charcoal, derived from coconut shells and processed into a nice, odorless black powder. The charcoal is heated to high temperatures to create a porous surface, increasing its floor place and enhancing its “activated” houses. While in the main utilized in emergency scientific settings for treating poisonings and overdoses, activated charcoal has received popularity in the fitness and health sphere. It is normally used to alleviate fuel and bloating with the aid of soaking up gas-generating compounds inside the digestive system. Additionally, some human beings use it as a hangover remedy, believing it could absorb alcohol and different toxins. This makes it a versatile complement for well-being facilities, catering to lots of fitness and cleansing desires.

Now Available in Puerto Rico.

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