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Dcotor 2

Lic. Veronica Ortiz Vega

Licensed Naturopath

Founder of Naturopathy Without Borders, a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding, educating and disseminating the practice of naturopathy in Puerto Rico, and in other parts of the world.

Certified as Master Reiki and Auriculotherapy.

Interdisciplinary studies in various branches such as: Fine Arts, Education and Naturopathic Sciences.

Doctor One

Lic. Laura Monstanto Irizarry

Licensed Naturopath

I am a Licensed Naturopath with 3 years of experience. A person's iris is a reliable source for evaluating patients within natural and alternative medicine. Iridology is defined as an orientation and evaluation technique that is based on the study of the different signs and indicators that appear in the human iris.

Doctor One

Wilma Morales Colon


Licensed Naturopath with over 35 years of experience
School of Neuropathy 1987

Intravenous Therapies and their benefits Peptides
Alternative Medicine and Anti-aging Reiki

Passionate about healthy lifestyles, healthy eating and supplementation as the sure way to optimal health.


Mabel De Jesus Roldan


Internationally Certified Color Therapist since 2007
Physical Therapy Assistant since 1978
Certified Master Reiki 2011

Studies with International Certification of Comprehensive Medical Biomagnetism
Studies in International Bioenergetics at the Alternative Medical University Center in Mexico.

Chromotherapy lover, since we help the patient to balance energetically. We accompany our patients in their energetic, emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual recovery process. Guide the patient in the process, give him the techniques so that his body is restored naturally and without massive elements.


Alirio Chanchero Cardenas


Medical Sonographer – Ana G. Mendez University
Clinical Iridology – “California” CPE2 Certificate

Colon hydrotherapy

American Medical Certification Association (AMCA)
Clinical Physician Assistant Certification
Certification in Holistic Medicine
Certification in Nutrition
Technician Certification

Experience in holistic patient management and clinical iridology.

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